Ginger Soy Chicken on a Bed of Spinach

This recipe was originally on a bed of iceberge lettuce, but that’s disgusting. Thanks, Rachel Ray. I would never seek out a
Rachel Ray recipe but I was hungry and short on time and my roommate had the Book of 10 handy. Also for all the health conscious ladies out there, low-carb!

I altered a Rachel Ray recipe and it got tastier. Surprised?

I’m not big on salad, and the spinach was difficult to eat. Serial salad tossers: is it hard to eat spinach? How are you supposed to put it in your mouth without getting juice all over your face (intentional). Maybe I’ll make that into a poll.

One thing I will credit to Rachel Ray is my discovery of Tamari Soy Sauce. It’s 100% soy, organic, and gluten free. And très delicious. I used San- J for you foodies.

Last post follow up: I had some leftovers of that egglpant dish and I wanted to VOM! Threw it out. Highly likely that I have a taste aversion to balsamic vinegar, mozarella cheese, and eggplants now.

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