I have 2 weeks of classes left, so to curb the stress of my schedule I am scheduling nothing time aka relaxation time aka procrastination. Anyways no one makes the flip from turkey and naps to trudging in murky half-snow gracefully.

It took me 4 years to finally go somewhere for break and leave my books at school. In fact, I left my whole book bag at school. We lie to ourselves every year, packing suitcases of clothes we won’t wear (you know you wear sweats every possible moment home) and backpacks that vomit books the minute we unzip them the following Sunday night. Life is short, pack light.

I was scrolling through LIFE’s website and I found these tips that I thought were really helpful on taking food pics. Humans are silly creatures, too much free time and we’re bored. No time to breath and we stay up watching episodes of Ally McBeal in a strange and unnecessary desire to relate to middle aged women of the 90’s. Anyways, I’ve got the hankering to buy a very expensive camera soon and become a blossoming photographer. ‘Tis life.

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