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Kimchi Butter

Two of my favorite things!

This is a recipe from MOMOFUKU MILKBAR, possibly my favorite cookbook for desserts. I may continue on with this recipe and make Kimchi Blue Cheese Croissants… 


  • 90 G KIMCHI (1/2 C)
  • 2 G KOSHER SALT (1/2 TSP)

Kimchi, freshly ground pepper, kosher salt, butter.

You will need 90 g (1/2 c) of kimchi (pureed as best as you can); 115 g room temp butter (8 tbs); 2 g kosher salt (1/2 tsp); 1 g freshly ground pepper (1/4 tsp).

I do use a scale for the ingredients to be accurate but for the spices that come down to 1-5 grams I use the spoon measurements as my scale is not sensitive enough! 

I also just microwave my butter for 10-15 seconds to soften in, and if it has started to melt in the wrapping I throw it in the freezer for a couple minutes. It’s OK if it is slightly melty.

Completed fluffed up butter.

Completed fluffed up butter.

First, fluff the butter (medium speed 2-3 min).

Add Kimchi, salt, pepper.

Add Kimchi, salt, pepper.

Then, add the kimchi, salt, and freshly ground pepper. Continue on medium for another 2 minutes.

Finished - before scrape.

Finished – before scrape.

After all ingredients have been properly incorporated and fluffed up, scrape down the bowl. Get the parchment paper ready.

Plop butter onto parchment paper.

Plop butter onto parchment paper.

Once the butter is on the parchment paper, you may want to mark up the sheet that will go on top if you want a specific size butter (for croissant making).

Start flattening.

Start flattening.

If you don’t care about the size, simply flatten gently with your hands or a rolling pin.

Re-adjusted a bit to fit 4"X6" parameter in case of croissant making.

Re-adjusted a bit to fit 4″X6″ parameter in case of croissant making.

Then if you change your mind and think croissant making is in the near future, find a ruler, mark up 4″x6″, and scrape and press accordingly.

Put it in the fridge to firm up. You can wrap it in plastic and the kimchi butter pad will keep fresh in the fridge for up to 1 month.

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Ginger Soy Chicken on a Bed of Spinach

This recipe was originally on a bed of iceberge lettuce, but that’s disgusting. Thanks, Rachel Ray. I would never seek out a
Rachel Ray recipe but I was hungry and short on time and my roommate had the Book of 10 handy. Also for all the health conscious ladies out there, low-carb!

I altered a Rachel Ray recipe and it got tastier. Surprised?

I’m not big on salad, and the spinach was difficult to eat. Serial salad tossers: is it hard to eat spinach? How are you supposed to put it in your mouth without getting juice all over your face (intentional). Maybe I’ll make that into a poll.

One thing I will credit to Rachel Ray is my discovery of Tamari Soy Sauce. It’s 100% soy, organic, and gluten free. And très delicious. I used San- J for you foodies.

Last post follow up: I had some leftovers of that egglpant dish and I wanted to VOM! Threw it out. Highly likely that I have a taste aversion to balsamic vinegar, mozarella cheese, and eggplants now.

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