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As graduation nears I find myself feeling a tumult of emotions:

  • Elation- Finally I will have a summer free of classes, free in the truest sense. FREE! My current denial of grad school also has given me a peace of mind I have never known before.
  • Weariness- Knowing I must find a job of some sort. Knowing that the search will be long and hard and imagining the amount of positive thinking and effort I will need to put in will be enormous.
  • Hope- That I am finally going to be an adult. Not just a kid pretending to be an adult whose parents’ still pay for everything, but an adult who will finally be able to be proud of her possessions and accomplishments because she did them all by herself (well, with a little help, just a little).
  • Sadness- That I will be leaving my friends. My best friends that I have made over these 4 amazing years. My roommates are amazing and I know that I won’t have times like these again! These will be the years that we will always miss. We might move away and be unable to see one another for years! It will be very strange.
My good friend, KB, graduated a semester early. At the time, I didn’t even realize all these emotions would be running through me as my graduation approached. To me it was just a bummer that my friend was leaving before us (“You better come back for Little 5! PROMISE?!”) Now I feel her pain/joy. AND it was her birthday AND it was Christmas. WHAT A CLUSTERF***. So to celebrate her birthday/graduation/the holidays I made her these cupcakes. I have been too busy this semester and my cooking buddy, Kristy, also graduated early, so it’s tough to cook yourself and take the pictures. Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! I hope she enjoyed them!



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Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Frosting


Every fall, everyone goes all out Pumpkin. I mean, It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf*****s!

So I’ve willingly and joyfully accepted the season by fulfilling my duty as Indian Martha Stewart and baking pumpkin cupcakes. If you know me you know that I absolutely love Ina Garten (and Martha, but Ina more so). Even if she cooked like Rachel Ray I would watch her show for the mere sexual tension between her and every (gay) man she cooks for on the show. She’s reminds me of a squirrel, eating, giggling (squirrels giggle), flipping her hair, pining for attention from her husband, and her florist, and her neighbor,  everyone. And come on HUSBAND (Jeffrey), show her some love! You guys had that awkwardly illegal relationship when she was in high school and you were in college. You were her brother’s friend! Breaking bro-code. I mean, it’s fine. She made him brownies. She also used to work for the White House as a policy analyst, but we get it, she’s amazing.

I love her show, I love her cooking. And here is her recipe.

The Maple Frosting I found to be super delicious, and so simple:

  • cream cheese
  • unsalted butter
  • Natural Maple Flavor
  • pure vanilla extract
  • sifted confectioners’ sugar

Hey, look how pretty we are!

Bravo! Thanks to Kristy Brannon for the photography.

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