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Making Crumb

Milkbar cakes have 4 components:

1) Cake

2) Custard type filling

3) Crunchy stuff (crumb)

4) Icing

Making the crumb is a delicate process but it goes a little something like this.

Step 1: Mix flour,  melted butter, salt, sugar, and milk powder until they are clumpy and nubile.


Step 2: Spread on a silpat (or not) and bake until “sandy” but my oven is crap so I don’t know. (BEFORE)


Step 3: After baking should be “sandy”, again…. idk. (AFTER)


Step 4: Add more milk powder! Then add melted white chocolate (not pictured) and stir around until coated with it and delicious. At this point i messed up and thought that melting chips in the microwave would be good enough but in the end you really need that double boiler action for candy melting. #doubleboilerz4lyfe


Results: Milk Crumb (not my final result photo, as I was stressin’ about that melting life, but thanks to Mynikoneatsfood [damn what a beautiful sight *feels bad about self*] you can see the quintessential milk crumb).

Damn, this shit is dope. It goes in Milkbar cakes, or cookies, or on your lover’s body….what?? 


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Culinary Adventure Quest

I was watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern  during a lull on my spring break vacation. Kiawah Islands of South Carolina were quite beautiful, but vacation is vacation and you have to sit on the couch some of the time and do things you always do. So yes, I did go all that way to watch t.v?! Anyways, Andrew’s episode was less “bizarre” and more normal. Like Chicago, normal. I wasted no time in noting all the joints he visited and have made it my next adventure to eat at these restaurants:



This place is more like eating a science experiment than eating at a restaurant. They freeze things, they take the essence out of foods and drink them and make cocktails out of test tubes and eat dessert that looks like an art piece… incredible stuff.

I can’t get over how cool the desserts are. You just eat it right off the table. RIGHT OFF THE TABLE.

Also, don’t even know what these are or taste like….but would one bite= one drink??!!?

So much to ponder.


om nom

om nom

If you have ever caught a Rick Bayless tutorial on tv, you understand that he’s a cool guy. I have recently become obsessed with Mexican food- and street food is the bomb. It is risky, it is fried, it is delicious. Also Rick Bayless seems like such a nice guy. Hoping to run into him at Xoco and seem like a really cool foodie, chill, young woman, just out enjoying some Mexican street food, hi.

Other restaurants that were mentioned were:

  • Blackbird
  • Graham Elliot (junk food in a high class wrapper. Modern food essentially)
  • Uncle John’s (so low key it don’t have a website)
  • Maxwell Street Market (not really a restaurant but um hello mexican food)


I can’t wait to try these restaurants! I LOVE FOOD. 

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recipe: meyer lemon pound cake


Although, I found a few mistakes with this blog post.  The sour cream wasn’t mentioned in the steps (so I omitted it) and the buttermilk was also skipped in directions. The original blog post from Martha Stewart did include the directions for the buttermilk, and did not include the sour cream.

It is very good ! I found that 50 min at 350 F was good for baking the inside but burned the outside slightly. Be sure to use foil on the outside when you start seeing it getting too golden (probably around 20-30 min). 

Madey Edlin


Good morning, Friends!

First off I have a good excuse for not posting: I am back in school full time. And seeing as I am an ex-homeschooled high schooler, it has taken me quite a while to get in the swing of things. Actually I need to stop talking because I am late to class.

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I have 2 weeks of classes left, so to curb the stress of my schedule I am scheduling nothing time aka relaxation time aka procrastination. Anyways no one makes the flip from turkey and naps to trudging in murky half-snow gracefully.

It took me 4 years to finally go somewhere for break and leave my books at school. In fact, I left my whole book bag at school. We lie to ourselves every year, packing suitcases of clothes we won’t wear (you know you wear sweats every possible moment home) and backpacks that vomit books the minute we unzip them the following Sunday night. Life is short, pack light.

I was scrolling through LIFE’s website and I found these tips that I thought were really helpful on taking food pics. Humans are silly creatures, too much free time and we’re bored. No time to breath and we stay up watching episodes of Ally McBeal in a strange and unnecessary desire to relate to middle aged women of the 90’s. Anyways, I’ve got the hankering to buy a very expensive camera soon and become a blossoming photographer. ‘Tis life.

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Skillet Eggplant

This dish was just strange. I thought going into it that the familiarity of eggplant and onions would mingle well. What actually happened was balsamic vinegar, stuffed green olives, and mozzarella cheese mashed together giving me a hesitance on my tongue that I don’t like to associate with food.

In my mind I could picture some young foreign child, eating this bowl of half-liquid, half solid, sweet and sour, juicy and tough meal. A young foreigner. Not me. This was like Ratatouille except bad. The aftertaste was pleasant, but the actual act of eating it was pretty gross. Too salty. This recipe came from “Seasoned in the South” by Bill Smith. The author says the recipe came from someone’s grandmother from Asheville. I’ll take that as completely unreliable. I don’t know how this is supposed to taste or look like southern food, but it was…unique. An acquired taste for sure.  

My opinion: not ok!

Simmering in its own juice of confusion.

 You could also use sherry vinegar and feta cheese, but I don’t see any improvement, and I doubt I will try it again. Yummier things next time.  From Best of the Best Vol 9.

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