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Don’t Need Ketchup

Original Hippie Hash

Last night as I slunk off from a bar called Rush wondering where I should go since I was now inebriated, alone, and had $12 in my pocket(does anyone else “run away” like this or is it just me?). Fleetwood Diner it is. This place is historic in Ann Arbor, MI. It’s like a cousin of the “hole-in-wall”: hole-in-trailer. The diner itself is literally a trailer.


It’s very small, and because of it’s popularity in the magical hours of *drunk* the outdoor seating is used year round. 

I wasn’t that drunk actually. So I pulled up a seat at the bar and just ordered their famous dish- Hippie Hash. Veggies over potato hash with eggs and toast+feta. Truly a perfect combo. And trying to be less annoying I opted out of ketchup and you know what America? You don’t actually need ketchup on everything. IT’S GOOD. ALL GOOD.


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