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Culinary Adventure Quest

I was watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern  during a lull on my spring break vacation. Kiawah Islands of South Carolina were quite beautiful, but vacation is vacation and you have to sit on the couch some of the time and do things you always do. So yes, I did go all that way to watch t.v?! Anyways, Andrew’s episode was less “bizarre” and more normal. Like Chicago, normal. I wasted no time in noting all the joints he visited and have made it my next adventure to eat at these restaurants:



This place is more like eating a science experiment than eating at a restaurant. They freeze things, they take the essence out of foods and drink them and make cocktails out of test tubes and eat dessert that looks like an art piece… incredible stuff.

I can’t get over how cool the desserts are. You just eat it right off the table. RIGHT OFF THE TABLE.

Also, don’t even know what these are or taste like….but would one bite= one drink??!!?

So much to ponder.


om nom

om nom

If you have ever caught a Rick Bayless tutorial on tv, you understand that he’s a cool guy. I have recently become obsessed with Mexican food- and street food is the bomb. It is risky, it is fried, it is delicious. Also Rick Bayless seems like such a nice guy. Hoping to run into him at Xoco and seem like a really cool foodie, chill, young woman, just out enjoying some Mexican street food, hi.

Other restaurants that were mentioned were:

  • Blackbird
  • Graham Elliot (junk food in a high class wrapper. Modern food essentially)
  • Uncle John’s (so low key it don’t have a website)
  • Maxwell Street Market (not really a restaurant but um hello mexican food)


I can’t wait to try these restaurants! I LOVE FOOD. 

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