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Making Crumb

Milkbar cakes have 4 components:

1) Cake

2) Custard type filling

3) Crunchy stuff (crumb)

4) Icing

Making the crumb is a delicate process but it goes a little something like this.

Step 1: Mix flour,  melted butter, salt, sugar, and milk powder until they are clumpy and nubile.


Step 2: Spread on a silpat (or not) and bake until “sandy” but my oven is crap so I don’t know. (BEFORE)


Step 3: After baking should be “sandy”, again…. idk. (AFTER)


Step 4: Add more milk powder! Then add melted white chocolate (not pictured) and stir around until coated with it and delicious. At this point i messed up and thought that melting chips in the microwave would be good enough but in the end you really need that double boiler action for candy melting. #doubleboilerz4lyfe


Results: Milk Crumb (not my final result photo, as I was stressin’ about that melting life, but thanks to Mynikoneatsfood [damn what a beautiful sight *feels bad about self*] you can see the quintessential milk crumb).

Damn, this shit is dope. It goes in Milkbar cakes, or cookies, or on your lover’s body….what?? 


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Black Bottom Banoffee Pie

This pie was interesting, but difficult to make. Instagram photo sesh.

Hand grinding cardamom for the pie. I mixed sugar into it to help grind. Strong spice, use sparingly.

Hand ground pretzels for crust.

98% dark was too dark, it made the pie very bitter. Try milk chocolate.

What a hot mess. Couldn't make it with condensed milk. I'm officially terrible at making caramel! This is a bag of melted caramels with a little cream. Too chewy.

White chocolate for the whipped topping. Delicious, but much too heavy for the cream. Also I had to buy a replacement whisk, terrible.

Finished product. Will not make it again. 😦

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